Bloomington International Schools (BIS) is a network of high quality nonsectarian private schools in North America and Asia. Bloomington International Schools offer a blend of the classical education model with cutting edge math and science curricula. BIS also integrates music, dance, fine arts and other extracurricular programs, providing students with an exceptional academic experience in garnering cognitive development while developing their unique passions.

International Education Platform

As a part of our international education platform, each of our high school campuses provides the same rigorous academic curriculum and high teaching standards. All teachers are trained in the BIS instructional philosophy and all students are expected to meet our strict standards and requirements. All campuses are compliant with the regulatory requirements of the local jurisdiction where the respective campus is located.

China Diploma Program

BIS works with carefully selected private high schools in China to offer their US Diploma Program. Through this program, qualified students in China can take US accredited classes for credit. These courses meet the rigorous requirements of the top US Universities and include a wide range of Advanced Placement courses. Students in the program also have access to online courses along with study abroad and exchange opportunities. Upon successfully completing the graduation requirements of the program, students can earn an accredited US diploma.

To provide students all over the world a top quality US style education.

To constantly challenge our students to excel and explore their own passions.

We are committed to ensuring all of our students successfully graduate and attend their best fit university regardless of where they are in the world.